When we wake up in the morning, our first thought is not always about how we are mentally feeling that day. It often is our endless list of tasks to get done that day, or a major work project coming up.

The focus on your mindset and mental health often takes a backseat to the tasks of the day. For many, weeks and months can pass by without even a hint of notice, other than the drain of energy and scattered focus. Over time, it affects productivity at work, your attention at home, and ultimately takes a toll on everything around you. 

Every 3 in 5 adults in New Zealand experience mental health issues. Those mental health issues can impact and exasperate every aspect of living, including physical health. While there are many factors that can contribute to mental distress, there are steps every day that you can take to develop a positive mindset. 


Benefits of An Active Lifestyle

Choosing an active lifestyle has the ability to shift stress, calm anxiety, and change the relationship to depression. 

While stress and anxiety are a part of life for many, it does not have to be in control. Working out and finding a fitness programme that fits your needs, helps you manage daily stressors. Instead of letting stress manage your schedule, you can find new pathways to move through tough emotions or situations outside your control. 

More Energy, More Focus

Working out improves productivity at work by helping you focus better throughout the day. Being active, even for 30 minutes, has the ability to boost your energy and help your brain be mentally stimulated to handle the day. With more energy, you can contribute to more ideas at work and still have energy left for your friends and family after work.

The Better The Workout, The Sounder You Sleep

Social or work stress all contribute to poor sleep patterns, which can leave you feeling out of sorts the next day. By engaging in a power workout in the morning or afternoon, you can release stress and replace it with a positive mindset. Ultimately, it will benefit your sleep and help you wake up feeling refreshed.

When Faced With Challenges, Build Confidence and Resilience 

When faced with challenges in your day, exercise can positively influence coping strategies that build confidence and resilience. By recognizing how you respond and react during tough workouts, you can learn to clear your mind and make needed decisions within your day. 

Whether it is as simple as what healthy meal to choose, or a big life decision, working out positively influences your daily approach to life. 

Mental Health Through Little Steps

It can be hard to start a new path in developing a positive mindset through a healthy lifestyle. What most people miss is that it isn’t one big breakthrough while out for a run, it is the little steps you take every day to look after yourself. 

Start with 10 minutes, increase to 30 minutes, or join a group fitness class that helps you stay on track with how you want to show up in the world. 

Our team is here to meet you where you are at. 

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