Finding it hard to prioritise your health? Here’s how you can stay healthy and make exercise part of your daily routine (even when life gets crazy busy).

We all know exercise is the key to staying healthy in body and in mind. So why is it always the last thing on the to-do list (and the first thing off)? Why do we ditch exercise class but still find time to spend an hour scrolling social media? For most of us, the problem is not finding time for exercise but finding the motivation for exercise. Getting yourself to gym class shouldn’t feel like a chore, so don’t make it become one. If you’re doing more procrastinating than punching or feeling hesitant about HIIT, it might be time to think outside the box. Here are a few fresh ways to tackle your fitness routine and put exercise back at the top of your to-do list.

Why it’s important to find time for working out

It’s easy to make time for the things we love. Catching up with friends, spending time with the dog or getting out in the sunshine. Combine the things you love with exercise, and it becomes easier to create an exercise routine and stick to it.

The good news is you don’t have to become a multi-sport athlete to reap the benefits of good health. Small, regular amounts of daily exercise is the best way to improve overall health. A study from Harvard Health concluded that some exercise is always better than no exercise. The study revealed that as little as 15 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or 8 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise each day reduced the risk of death. Exercising beyond the lowest effective dose had further health benefits. For every additional 15 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise,d there was a further 4% reduction in the risk of death. The study reported that those who exercised for an average of 63 to 88 minutes a day achieved the greatest health benefits.

Whether you’re looking to exercise for 15 minutes a day or an hour a day, the best way to ensure it will happen is to find something you enjoy so you can bring exercise into your daily routine.

Looking for new ways to add exercise to your daily routine? Here are 10 ways to find time for health and exercise in your busy schedule.

  1. Make fitness fun

Fitness shouldn’t be a chore, so think outside the box. Maybe it’s a walk with friends, borrowing the neighbour’s dog for a run or trying a new class at the gym. If you’re new to gyms, find one that doesn’t make you feel intimidated. When you’ve found the right gym, you may be surprised by how many other benefits this brings. Working out is a whole lot more fun when you’ve “found your people”.

2. Put it in the planner

Make exercise part of your daily plan, and don’t let other things bump it off. There’s a saying that goes, ‘Routine sets you free’. Figure out the style of exercise that works for you, and make it a daily habit. Use an online tool or app to set reminders. A good trick is to write down your next day’s exercise plan before you go to bed. Include your why and your goals on the plan, you’ll think about this subconsciously while you sleep and make it a part of your day when you wake.

3. Do it for the team

Making a commitment to a team is one of the best motivators there is. You may sometimes let yourself down when it comes to fitness, but it is much harder to let the team down. Look up a local netball or soccer group, join a swim squad or commit to a group training class.

4. Sign up with a friend

Find your local gym and visit with a friend. Not only is staying active more fun when you have a friend to do it with, but it also makes you accountable to turn up when you say you will. Another way to make yourself accountable is to work with a personal trainer. Your personal trainer will help you set the plan, and you will commit to turning up. And if you need a little extra help, your PT will be there to make sure you show up.

5. Get up earlier

It’s not easy during winter, but an early start is the easiest way to find the extra hour or two needed to exercise. If you’re sluggish in the morning, lay your exercise gear out the night before so everything is ready to go, and you can’t make excuses.

6. Turn a work break into a fitness break

If it’s time for a break, make the most of it. Instead of staring at the screen or getting another coffee, head out for a walk. If your workplace takes a more relaxed approach to things, get down and do some push-ups or stretching at smoko. You never know, your work colleagues may join you.

7. Avoid peak gym time

Does a busy gym freak you out? Find a time of day to work out when there is less of a crowd. Many of our clients love the option of working out when it suits them, which is why our 24/7 gym membership is so popular. Members have a key card giving them access to the gym any at any time of the day.

8. Invest in a membership

You don’t want to see your hard-earned money go to waste. There is nothing better to help you beat the temptation of skipping gym than making a financial commitment.

9. It’s a mental game

Exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Do you see it this way, or do you see exercise as something someone is making you do? A pro tip for making something happen is to tell someone about it. Share your exercise goals or plans with friends, colleagues or complete strangers! By putting it out there, you will have to follow it through.

10. Shut down the screen

The easiest way to find more time in your day is to ditch the time-wasters and the things that aren’t enriching your life. The most recent stats from Think TV tell us that New Zealanders spend 2 hours 16 minutes per day watching TV. Imagine how you could be using that time instead.

Humans are creatures of habit. Why not make a habit out of the things that benefit you—like fitting in fitness—instead of the things that don’t benefit you.

Do you need some help creating healthy habits? We’re here to help you find your ideal workout plan. Get in touch with our friendly team today.