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Let's Go Fitness in Dunedin offer a non-intimidating environment that specialises in one-on-one personal training for professional people. Our team helps you feel ridiculously better about life by developing a balance of fitness and nutritional management that elevates you to feel physically active and mentally stimulated. We believe that the journey does not have to wait, which is why our motto is "dream about tomorrow or let's go today".

We offer

24/7 Gym Memberships

Personal Training

Personalised Fitness Programmes

Nutrition Planning

Group Fitness Classes

Massage Therapy 

Contact us today to learn more about how our team can help you achieve your fitness goals and live the life you want today! 

Are you looking for a new gym?

Our gym offers a safe space for you to stay accountable to your goals in 2019. We are here to help put the steps in place for you to feel confident in your fitness and healthy throughout the year. Studies show how important it is for mental health to stay active on a daily basis. It can help you be more productive at work, have more energy for your family, and keep you feeling motivated.

Ready to jumpstart the year right?

Learn more how a gym membership can help you by coming in to talk to one of our personal trainers. If you need more than just a regular gym routine, check out our other services.

Bring a friend!

For the month of April, current members can bring a friend along with them to the gym FOR FREE! Stay accountable to your goals and help your friend along in their journey by inviting them along to a month of 24/7 Membership and/or working out alongside you during two personal training sessions. 

Call us today and Let's Go

"Dream about tomorrow or let's go today."