Stamina. Passion. Deferred gratification. Guts. Glory. Pain. Mental toughness. Physical endurance. 

What exactly is grit?

It’s certainly become a buzzword thrown around in recent years as it’s moved from being a term from the realm of grizzled war veterans and gunslingers to the world of exercise and sports. But what does grit really mean to you as you think about your fitness and why should it count?

Having grit really does matter -– it’s that elusive element that we admire without being able to put it easily into words. It’s the ability to keep pushing and developing on the path to fitness and life goals, regardless of the hurdles in the way.

When it comes to exercise, and sports specifically, grit is that perseverance you need by applying yourself to the daily and weekly workout. Sure, it’s the kind of thing we admire in the professional sports arena but it’s just as important for any regular person who has an eye for self- improvement and a more balanced lifestyle. 

As many of us have experienced and know, without setting goals we are likely to drift away from the everyday practice and workout. For many of us, as the initial changes to our body and energy that we see from a regular work out programme plateau, we lose focus and determination. Grit is that endurance we need, pushing through the mundane to get one step closer to our long-term goals. As people often say 80% of success is showing up, putting the hours in, come rain or shine. Grit is applying yourself every regular day to your end goal of making those objectives a reality. But it’s way more than that. It’s also passion, and inspiration.

Angela Duckworth, author of “Grit: The Power and Passion of Perseverance” says there are 5 key elements to grit: 

Courage – not just being brave but taking opportunities as they come up and following what you believe in. Often just saying ‘no’ or asking for help is a sure sign of courage.

Conscientiousness – not just ticking the box but turning up to your workouts and putting your all in and getting the job done right – not just done to completion.

Perseverance – holding steadfast to your long-term goals no matter how tough it gets or how much of a grind things can sometimes seem to be.

Resilience – recovering from the dips and the difficulties. Resilience is about measuring yourself against your own standards – not comparing your performance to others – and also using set backs as chances to learn and grow as part of your journey.

Passion – a key element of grit! Passion is what infuses all the other attributes of what you do. People who are passionate about things get others amped up. They can see that you are driven beyond a momentary setback and you have the zeal to progress and develop yourself to be a force for good in the world.

But can you develop your grit? Can you increase grit?

Well the good news is, yes you can.

Firstly, reframe your expectations -– your fitness isn’t finite, it’s a journey that lasts your whole life. You need to pursue your interests and a higher purpose and what better interest than investing in your future self! What matters to you in terms of fitness? How do you see your workout fitting into your life? What would you like to achieve?

When you are thinking about a fitter you in life, you are setting yourself up for the long-term and the long haul of the journey.

Yes, as noted, you need to set goals specific to your training and lifestyle, but think broader than that – think of your workouts as a practice much in the same way that mental health is a practice. You are evolving to be better, hitting milestones along the way. True fitness doesn’t just end when you hit a certain age or lift a certain weight. Practice, hone your skills, practice, practice, practice!

Talk to our team today about what you need to set out those goals. We’d love to talk to you and find the best way that Let’s Go Fitness can be a part of your journey.

One thing we all know is that surrounding yourself with people who support, encourage and inspire you is a sure way to get yourself motivated.

Come down to Let’s Go Fitness and talk to our team about our culture and how we can be part of your transformation. Fitting in with your personal goals, whether that be taking some of our classes or signing up for one-on-one training, surround yourself with people that help you raise your own bar for success. 

And so we keep coming back to the essential element of grit -– show up, persevere and be your own inspiration as you progress. We are there to help and celebrate you every step of the way.