No matter how busy your lifestyle is whether it be family, work or other social commitments you have got to try the team at Let’s Go Fitness.

I have played reasonably top level sport over the years including rugby, athletics and touch, and having the ability to continue to train in some format is brilliant. Let’s Go Fitness have all the facilities you need in one place whether it be a strength and conditioning workout or keeping up your aerobic fitness levels the team can do it all. What I like most about Let’s Go Fitness is that they tailor your sessions to your ability and/or how you are feeling on the day. For the person that really wants to test themselves this is the place for you.

I have been to numerous gyms over the years and during that time had a number of trainers however Let’s Go Fitness beats them all hands down. My experiences have been with Jerome, Damo, Pete and JT and they are all excellent trainers in their own right. I mainly see Jerome during the week and Damo in the weekends. The team at Let’s Go Fitness are great at what they do and they push you all the way, which is great for someone like me who likes to test themselves. The Let’s Go Fitness team are that good I convinced my wife to join me on Saturday mornings and we actually get annoyed when for some reason we can’t make a Saturday session.  If you want to keep fit and strong you have to try the team at Let’s Go Fitness. You won’t be disappointed.

For someone like me who has a reasonably sedentary based job, going to Let’s Go Fitness is an absolute must. I completely destress when I’m being trained by one of the team, as I have no time to think about work other than the work I’m doing in the session. It completely refocuses me for the day and I feel I am much more productive compared to when I miss a session when I’m out of town. I would recommend Let’s Go Fitness to anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep the mind and body fit. I guarantee once you get into it you will absolutely love it and in fact will get annoyed when you can’t make a session. To top it off these guys are actually great people who are there to help you achieve your goals.

Graham Helm, Crombie Lockwood

Pete and the team at Let’s Go Fitness have been one of the best things that I’ve ever, ever done. Now I’ve got an ongoing back injury, which makes exercising a pretty scary thing. One wrong move and I’m going to be paying for it for months! Now the one stand out thing for me was the fact that the physio and the trainers work together. They get a plan for you that’s gonna work on strengthening your weak points and ways to achieve your goals without risking reinjury, which is kind of important!

Now I’m a bit of a problem child and the trainers in the group classes have been absolutely awesome They know I can’t do certain things so they always find an alternative way of doing an exercise (without complaining), which of course allows me to still participate in the groups.

My strength, my fitness has improved ten-fold and enables me to have a better quality of life of course and all the energy to do the things I wanna do and not have to constantly sit down because my back is killing me.

It’s a great atmosphere at Let’s Go Fitness – it’s kind of like walking into Cheers!

Now if you’ve been thinking about joining a gym or getting some fitness advice and guidance, I can highly recommend coming in and having a chat with Pete – gotta love Pete! – and the team at Let’s Go Fitness. It’s a great place.

Pete boasts that he and his team are life changers; and for me, they have been.

Tracy Chambers, The Rock FM

After being unmotivated, I joined Brighton Bootcamp. It's the best thing I've ever done. I'm motivated and enjoying doing something for me. I've met a great bunch of people and am stronger and fitter than I've ever been.


Brighton Bootcamp has been life changing for me both physically and mentally. I was so nervous to begin with, being so unfit, but there was no judgement, only support, motivation and heaps of laughs! Can't wait to start again!!


Dunedin City Motors put two groups forward to take part in Let's Go Fitness’ Corporate Challenge. Some of the staff were reluctant at first but one training session changed that. Our staff at work interacted better; lots of smiles and laughing and of course stories between the two teams of who out performed who on each exercise or challenge. The benefits were obvious for all to see and now all except one person have continued on exercising in some form. I don't know if it was a coincidence but we had two bumper months of sales. However, people do buy off happy people. I would definitely recommend Let's Go Fitness and their enthusiastic, friendly team.

Robert Bain, Chief Executive, Dunedin City Motors

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