Brighton Bootcamp

BBC #14:Wow!

What a workout tonight.

Posted: Sunday October 4, 2015

BBC #13: It's Holistic!

Its not just about the three days we are at BBC, its holistic and its about our lifestyle.

Posted: Saturday September 5, 2015

BBC #12: Round 2 - I'm Rearing to Go!

It's great to see little ol Brighton doin' its thing.

Posted: Saturday August 29, 2015

BBC #11: So Here's What We Get Up To!

Take a sneak peek at the Let's Go Fitness Brighton Bootcamp Round 1.

Posted: Sunday August 23, 2015

BBC #10:So Heres How I Did!

Big high fives.

Posted: Saturday August 22, 2015

BBC #9:The Power Of A Group!

Seeing everyone else trying so hard pushes me to try harder and not give in.

Posted: Wednesday August 19, 2015

BBC #8: This Is Going To Be My Year!

I can honestly say, hand on heart, this just keeps getting better.

Posted: Saturday August 15, 2015

BBC #7: Nourish Your Life!

Reflect on where you are at.

Posted: Tuesday August 11, 2015

BBC #6: Fuel Your Body!

I want to focus on being more positive about how I talk about food.

Posted: Monday August 10, 2015

BBC #5: And I'm Back!

Bootcamp is a part of our lives now.

Posted: Wednesday August 5, 2015

BBC #4: I'm So Happy and Proud!

This truly is a fantastic group of awesome ladies with so much motivation and drive.

Posted: Saturday August 1, 2015

BBC #3: Its Great To Get Started!

I have a lot of work to do but I know I am in the right place no doubt about it!

Posted: Saturday July 25, 2015

BBC #2: I Can't Wait!

Information night - another hit! Pete put everyone'snerves and anxieties about the bootcamp at ease.

Posted: Sunday July 19, 2015

BBC #1: This Is Going To Be Awesome!

It's consistency, routine and a balanced lifestyle that I crave!

Posted: Friday June 19, 2015

Brighton Bootcamp: Justine Weatherall

The exciting thing about group fitness at Let's Go Fitness is you can choose who you want to workout with and where.

Posted: Thursday June 18, 2015