John McGlashan College Elite Performers Programme

By Ewan Brumwell | Posted: Monday June 6, 2016

Term 2 Week 5 2016: Carrying on from last week the boys continued their proprioception work but we varied the exercises to keep it interesting while still achieving the goal.

This was done by doing jump and land mechanics with 180degree twists in the air. By doing this the athletes will begin to understand how to control their bodies in more than one plane of motion. They really enjoyed doing this so we will continue to use it and keep increasing difficulty as they improve.

During the week we also continued our strength and power focus with the same exercises. These compound movements are a staple in our programmes because they use multiple muscle groups which gives us the most bang for our buck. This is because we do not need to do heaps of exercises to focus on the whole body which takes time and is less effective at developing strength.

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