John McGlashan College Elite Performers Programme

By Ewan Brumwell | Posted: Monday May 30, 2016

Term 2 Week 4 2016: This week was the start of a new cycle of exercises and rep ranges. We've introduced proprioception and hypertrophy work.

We shifted the focus of the Monday sessions to starting with proprioception work which has been shown to reduce injury rates in athletes especially in the ankle and knee joints. As there was a lot of volume in the previous Mondays, the shift towards this type of work will give the boys a chance to adapt to the training they have already done whilst getting a new stimulus from the proprioception exercises. On top of this there was a strong emphasis on strength development and hypertrophy work. The overall volume had been reduced but the session became more intense with higher loads and less reps.

Wednesdays still had the same focus of faster bar speeds and complex training to induce a power stimulus. New exercises were introduced to give the boys something new. This included barbell hip thrusters and kettlebell swings which were used in a super set fashion.

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