John McGlashan College Elite Performers Programme

By Ewan Brumwell | Posted: Monday May 23, 2016

Term 2 Week 3 2016:Although the mornings have become wetter and colder the boys have been working hard and creating a great platform for improving their athletic ability and sports performance.

The third week of training in the gym and the boys are beginning to get back into higher intensity training for both sessions. We will start the next cycle the following week so they will work to the highest intensity of the three weeks before changing some of the exercises and rep ranges during the next three-week cycle. The exercises will move to becoming more complex and strength will be the focus on a Monday with lots of injury prevention work during the physical preparation at the start of the session. Wednesdays will be a power and contrast training session.

As for this week, the boys finished up strongly with a lot of improvement being shown in their lifting techniques and amount of load being lifted. This is going to set them up well for the following weeks where the intensity increases with more complex movements. 

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