John McGlashan College Elite Performers Programme

By Ewan Brumwell | Posted: Monday May 16, 2016

Term 2 Week 2 2016:The boys had another good win against one of the toughest oppositions the team will face this year. South Otago Boys' High School came to Dunedin looking to get revenge after the loss they suffered in the final last year. However, the John McGlashan College 1st XV proved too strong in the end.

Monday morning in the gym again with the same focus as the previous week, technique. The reps were slightly increased from the week before to increase volume of the session so they can start to build work capacity for later in the block. The same exercises were used apart from progressing the pistol squat to a front squat to slightly increase intensity. 

The boys showed efficient movement and I could see improvement just from one week back of training.

The second session of the week brings a very different feel. It is high intensity, which requires high energy so the boys are given a slightly more intense warm up and also have higher intensity exercises throughout the session. I have begun to introduce them into Olympic lifting exercises, which are a high intensity, power focussed exercise as it ensures triple extension of the hip, knee and ankle joints. This triple extension movement is achieved during sprinting and jumping, which are essential during rugby. The better we can increase this, the better the performance on the field.

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