Testimonial: Tylah Bruce

By Synarha Wereta | Posted: Sunday November 8, 2015

Congratulations to Tylah who has made fantastic steps towards her fitness goals.

Tylah initially came to Let's Go Fitness to take part in the six week Extreme Platoon bootcamp.

Several weeks before the bootcamp began, we started completing one-on-one personal training sessions to prepare Tylah for the bootcamp.

Tylah's goals were/are to change her eating habits and get stronger.  

From the very first session, I could tell we were going to get great results due to Tylah's determination and enthusiasm, the technique she displayed, and her willingness to listen to my suggestions.

Tylah has done one-on-one personal training before and her number one trait in a personal trainer is someone who will support her. She wanted someone to stick with her throughout her journey. This meant not just being with her one-one-one during our sessions but also keeping in touch with her during the days she was not attending sessions at the fitness suite. 

Once bootcamp commenced, these three sessions a week were added into Tylah's training programme along with home-based sessions I designed for her.

Small nutrition pointers I gave Tylah she used wisely to change her eating habits; how/when she was eating and what she was eating. 

I have really enjoyed getting to know Tylah over such a short period of time and look forward to continuing to be on this journey with her. 

Here's what Tylah had to say.

I am almost finished my first bootcamp at Let's Go Fitness and pumped for the next one!
I've gained so much fitness and strength from the classes. It is great working with a different bunch of people who have really helped motivate me.
Our trainer, Synarha Wereta, is so much fun to train with but not only that, she's extremely supportive and always encouraging!
I would without a doubt recommend Let's Go Fitness and Synarha to anyone who is up for a fun challenge!
Tylah Bruce  

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