Testimonial: Elite Performers Programme

By Michael Idour, 1st XV Team Director, John McGlasha | Posted: Thursday November 19, 2015

2015 John McGlashan College Train Like Champs Campaign

The Elite Performers Programme commenced in the last weekend of the Term Three 2014 holidays with a camp at John McGlashan Hostel.
Organisationally, and considering all outcomes, this was a most successful programme launch.
Finishing 1st in the 2015 Southern Wide Real Estate 1st XV Otago Wide Competition is sufficient proof of that, however, add a remarkable absence of injuries throughout the year's sixteen matches and the wonderful impact of the programme can be evidenced.
Peter employed a number of excellent trainers who were always easy to communicate with and who provided a number of snap shots throughout of how individuals were progressing.
Luke's input at the start of pre-seasons training provided excellent feedback on individuals that made team selections all that easier. He was a first rate talent spotter!
From my perspective, as the Team Director, Let's Go Fitness have been superb to deal with. The input Peter made at trainings was also hugely appreciated.
I have no qualms, nor do my coaching team, of utilising their skills going towards the 2016 season.
Michael Idour, 1st XV Team Director, John McGlashan College

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