Back On Track #15: The course of true love never did run smooth

By Christine O'Connor | Posted: Saturday October 3, 2015

I've had a mish-mash of social obligations and work-related events lately that have taken me away from my mate ''Gym''.

All pretty cool stuff I didn't want to miss: a trip out of town for a daughter's birthday, a sister's hens night, an art exhibition opening, and work-wise a Fortune Theatre play, a fashion show, the Port Chalmers Seafood Festival, photographing a bodybuilding competition etc, all clashing with usual workout time slots and taking me away from ''Gym''.

We had been doing so well, fitness levels were up, weight was down.

I bounced to training ready for anything and confident I could keep up because I had been doing my homework.

I was putting in the time with my relationship with Gym, and for my commitment I was rewarded and was feeling fabulous, I thought everything was progressing nicely.

But when life became suddenly very busy, out of the blue, my love affair with losing weight and everything healthy that followed it, had hit a wall.

Akin to an ageing new relationship, all the fun bits had begun to lose their glow and this unscheduled period of disruption to my exercise regime has swooped in like ''the other woman'', ending the honeymoon phase.

I had known it could happen, but I hadn't expected it would arrive so soon.

I don't feel I neglected my relationship totally.

When I couldn't make our usual appointments, out of worry, I would steal moments together, sneaking in 30 press-ups here, a stair run there, and when guilt got the better of me I would even succumb to the dreaded burpees, a bitter pill to swallow.

To make matters worse, bad habits threatened to elbow their way between us and I feel I am hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

The voices in my head have ramped up again and, yikes, one of them is getting a potty mouth.

There is only one thing to do. I am digging my toes in and I will fight for what is rightfully mine.

I made a deal when I started this challenge that I would give it my absolute all.

I had made a commitment to the team at Let's Go Fitness to see this through to Christmas.

In return, they promised to help me get the results I longed for. I have come too far to let it all go.

I have wobbled, I can admit that, but the key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it.

I won't give up without a fight, Gym, I will see you on Monday.

This article originally appeared in the ODT on 3 October 2015, by Christine O'Connor.

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