BBC #14:Wow!

By Justine Weatherall | Posted: Sunday October 4, 2015

What a workout tonight.

Monday 7 September

Wow! What a workout tonight!

We did a great circuit; simple and straightforward, moving around in a circle clockwise and we nailed it.

After the first round, we were all buggered and then we found out we were off around for a second time. This sure as heck shut us up. There was no chit chat at all that round. The only sounds were of us huffing and puffing away.

We had another really good chat about the importance of stretching after our sessions and also when we are at home as well as keeping up good nutrition to aid in our recovery. Pete explained we should be fully recovered from our previous session when we rock up to our next session and the key to this recovery is stretching and good nutrition.

I have certainly noticed on the days I put extra focus on more stretching after the session, I am a lot less stiff and sore.

Wednesday 9 September

After the session on Monday night, I went home and had a read through the booklet Pete had given us right at the start of bootcamp round one, specifically the sections on nutrition and sleep.

Hmm, the ol’ lack of sleep thing has always been such a problem for me. I am someone who really needs my sleep and my body doesn’t cope well with lack of it. I need more than eight hours. I’ve always been a tired person.

If I am consistently having late nights up working, etc, I start to get warning signs; sore eyes, sore throat, and headaches, and if I don’t listen to these signs, I end up rundown and with a full blown cold, or worse!

I definitely notice my lack of energy during a fitness session if I am really tired. However, on the other side of the coin, I usually feel so much better after the session too!

Tonight’s session was good. Another challenging set of exercises coupled with boxing. A winner in my eyes!

Saturday 12 September

Today was really interesting for me. I felt like I had had a week or so off from BBC and was feeling really tired and lethargic. 

When I thought back over my week, I concluded this was as a result of lack of sleep/late nights, catching a head cold and also terrible nutrition. Isn’t it amazing how this can all impact so much on your body and your performance in just a couple of days?!

Regardless of this, I pushed through and it didn’t actually take me long to find some energy and nail it!

The boxing is great. I know I’ve probably said it in nearly every article but I do really enjoy it! I love that you are working your whole body. I love that it gets your heart rate up instantly. And I love the feeling of dead arms at the end! You get a great arm work out when you’re on the mitts too, though the feeling of the arm wobble when holding the mitts while your partner punches isn’t so great but it is good motivation when it’s your turn to punch harder!

We had another two ladies join us today and what a great day for them to come. A lovely morning and we were able to be outside too.

Sunday 13 September

Today, two of the other girls and I went for a long run and it had hills!

I was so incredibly stoked to complete the 10km circuit and felt really good at the end!

The hills were tough on the legs but I definitely noticed the strength work we’ve been doing at BBC helped to get me up them and I was able to push through the burn to get to the top!

I am feeling good about my running again. Maybe I’m not in such a bad place for my running fitness but it is now just about slowly building up the kilometres and I am stoked to have a running buddy who is out here and who is now also registered for the Queenstown Half Marathon.

I am very aware I am the type of person who trains and works out better in a group or pair situation, as opposed to by myself.

One of the ladies out with us is very fit, however, was quite open about the fact she is not a runner and doesn’t enjoy running but yet she came out with us and nailed the run! I mean nailed it and she said she wasn’t a runner!

The interesting part of this was she obviously has such a good base fitness from the short, high intensity workouts she is used to doing that she was able to use this for the run. She said she gets bored running and prefers the variety and constant change of a circuit session.

We all have different ways of training and it’s interesting to hear others perspectives and what works for them.

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