BBC #13: It's Holistic!

By Justine Weatherall | Posted: Saturday September 5, 2015

Its not just about the three days we are at BBC, its holistic and its about our lifestyle.

Monday 31 August

Tonight was another goodie.

There were a few kids along and they all enjoyed watching then trying everything out themselves!

Pete had a good talk to us about injuries and making sure we are taking care of ourselves, as well as the importance of good nutrition and stretching to help aid in recovery and avoiding injury.

There are a few people in the group who have minor injuries and Pete has been really vigilant about keeping an eye on them and making sure they aren’t pushing themselves.

After the session, Pete caught up individually with the people who have injuries to check where they are at and also give them some exercises they can be doing at home.

It was interesting to hear Pete’s explanation about why injuries may be starting to occur and how it is so important to fuel our bodies appropriately to aid in the recovery of our muscles.

We are all in the habit and routine of BBC now and the sessions are increasing in difficulty to keep challenging us so it is important we take care of ourselves in the hours and days surrounding our sessions.

It’s not just about the three days we are at BBC, it’s holistic and it’s about our lifestyle.

Thursday 3 September

I wasn’t able to make bootcamp last night but I met up with one of the girls for a run this afternoon. It was good to get back running and it was also exactly what I needed to remind me that I really need to get back into the running and up my kilometres, as the Queenstown Half Marathon will sneak up on me!

I know the bootcamp sessions are building up my strength and general fitness but I need to be running more. I need to slowly build back up the distances and time. At the moment I can run 5-6km.

It was great to get out for a run with someone new too but also with someone who can push me and is already running further than me.

I was stoked with an 8km run tonight!

Saturday 5 September

I had another night out last night at the Cancer Society Spring Ball.

I had a few wines and it was also a late night (for me!).

I was feeling really tired and dehydrated this morning but I was there and boy was I glad I went.

The wonders of a good workout first thing!

I gave the session everything I had and managed to rock out some good shuttle sprints, which I was happy with.

It’s amazing how a call out from Pete, “come on Justine, you’ve got 10 seconds”, can make you totally dig it in and power to the end of the sprints!

However, in true Justine-off-the-wagon style, I totally destroyed all the great work I did this morning by giving in to the temptation of a sweet craving, which I will, this time, blame on the couple of wines I had last night. I pigged out on a bag of Pick ‘n’ Mix lollies.

Yup, totally pigged out.

And did I feel better? Nope!

Did this stop me? Nope!

Why, oh why, do I do this to myself?

Because, this is not where it ends. I know, everything in moderation. I get that. However, when I do something like this, my mindset is pretty much, “well I buggered up so I might as well just go nuts!”

Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

I know I’m not alone.

Upon reflection, this is the number one thing I want to combat in regards to my nutrition.

I had this discussion with one of the other ladies from BBC when we caught up at a function on Saturday and I was so pleased to hear she has similar challenges.

We talked about what we might be able to do to help control our nutrition better. We challenged each other to plan our week’s food on Sunday night, whether it be write it out, plan one meal each day for the week or even pre-prepare some meals.

We’ll see how we go!

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