BBC #12: Round 2 - I'm Rearing to Go!

By Justine Weatherall | Posted: Saturday August 29, 2015

It's great to see little ol Brighton doin' its thing.

Monday 24 August – Day 1 of BBC Round 2!

Well, I certainly was rearing to go tonight!

I had a night out on Saturday night and definitely celebrated my results in completely the wrong way, with food and wine and cider, and did I mention food?

Yes, here I was having just had great results in the testing and I go out and gorge myself on all the yummy food at the buffet, especially the dessert table!

In a small bit of my own defence, I did more than my fair share of dancing so there was some cardio.

We had four new people along tonight to give bootcamp a go. It was great to see that word had really got out about what we are doing here in little ol’ Brighton and Ocean View.

The group welcomed the newbies and then we got straight into it.


The boys were also along again tonight and they were keen to give the boxing a go too. 

Pete was conscious of the new ladies and that the rest of our group had been exercising for the past five weeks. He adapted what we were doing to suit everyone and also spent extra time ensuring the new ladies were doing everything correctly so as to avoid injury.

It was so good to see how easily our new members fitted right in.

Wednesday 26 August

We didn’t scare the newbies off!

They came back.

One of the most entertaining parts of our sessions are the circuits that Pete gives us and the fact that a group of intelligent, clever women struggle to focus on the exercises we are doing and then which way we are rotating in the circuit. It doesn’t help when the circuit zig zags all over the room though! It really is hilarious at times and Pete has the patience of a saint. Although, we are forever having him on about being sure there are more straightforward and simple ways to run the circuit!

Friday 28 August

Tonight I met up with one of the girls from BBC for a run in Green Island and it was great. We are at very similar levels of running fitness and it was great to get out for a run. It was a struggle, as I haven’t run in a while but I really enjoyed it. It reminded me how running-unfit I am!

Saturday 29 August

I have been feeling quite sluggish this week and I’m not quite sure what this is about.

Once I’m at BBC, I’m good to go and I am still so motivated to go but on the days off I’m just a bit blah.

Today was another great Saturday morning session and the kick up the butt I needed to remind me how good I feel after these sessions!

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