Back on Track

Back On Track #17: Rediscovering motivation

I am awesome.

Posted: Monday November 9, 2015

Back On Track #16:Back in the swing of things

Oscar Wilde once said, ''To get back to my youth, I would do anything in the world, except exercise''.

Posted: Monday October 19, 2015

Back On Track #15: The course of true love never did run smooth

I've had a mish-mash of social obligations and work-related events lately that have taken me away from my mate ''Gym''.

Posted: Saturday October 3, 2015

Brighton Bootcamp

BBC #14:Wow!

What a workout tonight.

Posted: Sunday October 4, 2015

BBC #13: It's Holistic!

Its not just about the three days we are at BBC, its holistic and its about our lifestyle.

Posted: Saturday September 5, 2015

BBC #12: Round 2 - I'm Rearing to Go!

It's great to see little ol Brighton doin' its thing.

Posted: Saturday August 29, 2015