Elite Performers Programme

The Elite Performers Programme is proven to move the athlete to the next level by improving their speed and power, nutrition knowledge, anaerobic and aerobic fitness levels and their method of training by helping them to train ‘smarter’ not ‘harder’.

While the programme will benefit members’ overall sport, fitness and well-being knowledge, they also learn core values such as time management, accountability, responsibility, communication and respect that can be applied to all aspects of life now and in the future.

Our Strength and Conditioning Coach will work alongside coaches to tailor a programme to the goals and needs of the coach, team and individual athletes, whether it be pre-season, in-season or holiday based.

Programmes include fitness assessments, individual goal setting, group sessions, individual training programmes and nutrition plans.

One of the many benefits of implementing this programme is that the Coach knows their team is receiving the best tools available to help the athletes reach their potential and can focus their attention to game strategies, game plan and skills.

The Let’s Go Fitness team is passionate about working with today’s youth to develop well-rounded individuals. Our team includes life changers with various health and fitness related qualifications and from different sporting backgrounds. Many have juggled life as high performing athletes and/or been involved with numerous high performing teams and individuals, covering multiple disciplines.


John McGlashan College Elite Performers Programme

Term 2 Week 5 2016: Carrying on from last week the boys continued their proprioception work but we varied the exercises to keep it interesting while still achieving the g...

Posted: Monday June 6, 2016

John McGlashan College Elite Performers Programme

Term 2 Week 4 2016: This week was the start of a new cycle of exercises and rep ranges. We've introduced proprioception and hypertrophy work.

Posted: Monday May 30, 2016

John McGlashan College Elite Performers Programme

Term 2 Week 3 2016:Although the mornings have become wetter and colder the boys have been working hard and creating a great platform for improving their athletic ability ...

Posted: Monday May 23, 2016