Kylie Johnston

Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist

Kylie’s passion is to help you balance a busy lifestyle through individually designed workout plans and nutritional management. With two kids of her own, she knows just how challenging it can be to meal plan and keep up with your fitness goals when life can feel chaotic.

With a Bachelor degree in Sport and Recreation and majoring in Coaching and Nutrition, she is equipped with the knowledge and ability to elevate your health. Wellness is her lifestyle, which means you won’t ever catch her eating a sneaky pie or diving into sugary habits!

She is authentic in her personal training and delivers you results with her ability to work alongside you and your needs. Kylie’s nutritional planning gives you 4 to 5 options for daily meals that suit your lifestyle and preferences. Her goal is to guide you through an individualised program that helps you achieve, no matter how big or small your goals are.

Contact Kylie today to learn more about how she can work alongside you to create a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle to bring you to a place of wellness! 

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