Our Company

Let's Go Fitness is Dunedin's first boutique Fitness Suite and has been in operation since June 2012. We have proven training techniques that guarantee results and that you have fun at the same time. Our emphasis is on personal and small group workouts and we are extremely proud of our friendly, family culture. Let's Go Fitness takes a holistic approach to all of our programmes, which are 100% individualised. To support this approach, we offer additional services such as physiotherapy, massage, nutritional advice, platoon classes and home and holiday programmes.

Our motto is Dream about tomorrow or Let's Go today. Our personal trainers / life changers aim to help people start their new life today instead of putting it off till tomorrow. We have a welcoming and non-judgemental environment, a fun, friendly culture and 100% individualised programmes. You will get your results while having fun at the same time. So on your marks, get set - go!